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Five places to visit in Donetsk

15:24 08.06.2012
Five places to visit in Donetsk

Five matches of the 2012 European Football Championship will be held in Donetsk, but the guests of the city will have much more time to get acquainted with its sights and will want to come here again.

Donetsk is located on lands with people leaving here for more than 100,000 since the Stone Age. In ancient times there lived many people. They left archaeological sites of carcass, catacomb and pit culture, Scythian, Sarmatian, Polovtsian, Mongol periods. Moreover, according to some scientists, the southern region of Ukraine was the ancestral home for the Indo-Europeans who then settled from Western Europe to India.

The tangible evidence of the ancient history of the region is gathered at the Donetsk Regional Museum, located just 10 minutes walk from the Donbass Arena stadium. You can reach it also by tram No.1 (Shakhtar Plaza stop). With many exhibits you can follow the past of the Donetsk region from ancient times to the present day, and get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the steppe region.

Donetsk is the youngest of the largest cities in Ukraine. It was founded in 1869 in a period of industrial expansion. Donbass - it is an industrial region of coal and metal. Its history began with the construction of a steel plant by English businessman John Hughes (1814-1889).


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